Apple O'

Catalog #: JNR433    Release Date: 02/17/2023

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  • Apple O'
  • Apple O'
  • Apple O'
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*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Track Listing / Listen
  1. Dummy Discards a Heart
  2. My Diamond Star Car
  3. Heart Failure
  4. Panda Panda Panda
  5. Apple Bomb
  6. Flower
  7. Sealed with a Kiss
  8. L’Amour Stories
  9. Hayley and Homer
  10. Dinner for Two
  11. The Forbidden Fruits
  12. Adam+Eve Connection
  13. Blue Cash

    BONUS 7"
    1. Panda Panda Panda (First live performance 2002)
    2. My Diamond Star Car (Live 2002)
    3. Dummy Discards a Heart (Live 2003)
    4. The Forbidden Fruits (Chris demo)

    Deerhoof's fan-favorite breakthrough album, Apple O', gets a 20th-anniversary edition after years of being out of print in the physical realm.

    They say the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was actually a pomegranate. But Pomegranate O’ did not sound as catchy. Of course, knowledge of what, exactly? Could be the serene and orderly discipline of music. Could be the ability to instantaneously destroy the entire species in an apocalyptic fireball.

    This album is a love story. It is about Satomi’s mom being a Japanese girl when Truman got that ecstatic glint in his eye and blew up chunks of her country in a mushroom cloud, and next thing you know Satomi has moved to San Francisco and taken over an American noise-rock band. It is also about a different US president with an ecstatic glint in his eye, selling a criminal invasion with lies about weapons of mass destruction.

    This edition of Apple O' is on vinyl the color of cotton candy accompanied by a bonus 7" of previously unreleased live recordings.

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