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Safe In Sound (Home Recordings From Quarantine)

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  • Safe In Sound (Home Recordings From Quarantine)
  • Safe In Sound (Home Recordings From Quarantine)
  • Safe In Sound (Home Recordings From Quarantine)


Track Listing / Credits
  1. Rob Crow & Family - “Philosophy of the World (The Shaggs)”

  2. Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - “False Memory” - Written and recorded at home by Mike Adams Additional lead guitar recorded by Zac Canale at his house Mixed by Ben Lumsdaine in AD’s basement

  3. Kramer - “Send In The Clowns (Stephen Sondheim)” - Kramer covering Stephen Sondheim recorded from his home in South Florida.

  4. Eerie Wanda - "2020" - Recorded by Marina Tadic at home in Nijmegen, NL

  5. Thor Harris - “HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa”- Written and recorded by Thor Harris from his home in Austin, TX. Thor Harris played - trumpet , trombone, clarinet, marimba , dulcimer, Kalimba, glockenspiel, harmonium and voice; Anni Rossi - viola; Sima Cunningham - vocals; & Abra Moore - vocals

  6. No Joy & Josh Kastner - "Love Stomp"

  7. Deerhoof - "Dismantle the System"

  8. Jad Fair + HIFIKLUB - "Staying at Home" - Pascal Abbatucci Julien – electronic drums; Anthony « Daffodil » Belguise - synthesizers, piano, acoustic guitar; Jad Fair – vocals; Jean-Loup Faurat – guitar, effects; Régis Laugier – bass; Music composed by Pascal Abbatucci Julien, Jean-Loup Faurat and Régis Laugier; Lyrics written by Jad Fair; Produced and mixed at home by Anthony « Daffodil » Belguise; Recorded at home by Pascal Abbatucci Julien, Anthony « Daffodil » Belguise, Jad Fair, Jean-Loup Faurat and Régis Laugier

  9. Helvetia - "Psychic Life"

  10. Tall Tall Trees - "You and Isolation"

  11. C.J. Boyd + Will Oldham + The Quarantine Choir - "Savory (Jawbox)" - Acoustic bass guitar, alto clarinet, upright bass: C.J. Boyd; Bass clarinet: Josh Bennett, Arrington de Dionyso, Bruce Lamont, Andy Rayborn; Bassoon: Carly Cassano, Mark Ortwein; Clarinet: Shannon Fields, Thor Harris; Flute: Maxx Katz; Harmonium: Sarah Ruth Alexander; Harp: M. Bailey Stephenson; Marimba: Thor Harris; Oboe: Felix Zimmermann; Lead vocals: Will Oldham; Quarantine choir: Sarah Ruth Alexander, Kendra Amalie, Karl Blau, C.J. Boyd, Sima Cunningham, Madeline Johnston, Julia LiBassi, Adam Matlock, Ko Newborn, Amber Pollard, Lauren Poole, Lilah Rose, Linus Schief, Macie Stewart, Molly Sullivan, Tara Toms, Karima Walker, Andrew Weathers. Song by Jawbox, arranged collectively. Mixed and produced by C.J. Boyd. Everyone recorded themselves in their own homes, and a few had engineering help from their partners: Ates Isildak recorded Carly, Ben Kirby helped record Amber, and Stephen Lucas recorded Sarah.

  12. Kishi Bashi & El Ten Eleven - "Every Day Is A Sunday" Kristian Dunn: basses; Tim Fogarty: drums

  13. The Ophelias - "Grand Canyon" - Spencer Peppet- vocals, guitar, lyrics; Jo Shaffer- bass; Andrea Gutmann Fuentes- violin; Micaela Adams- drums; mixed by John Hoffman

  14. Sound of Ceres - "Enchanter (Demonstration 1)" - Written and recorded by Derrick Bozich, Jacob Graham, Karen Hover, and Ryan Hover.

  15. SUUNS - "Indecisions" - Mixed by Antoine Goulet

...and more to come.

Struggle and isolation often spawn great art. In this strange moment of history, we can't help but see the potential for creation... With all of our artist's sidelined from touring and regular life plans, we decided to commission the artists of our label to record a new song from within their quarantine environment.

The resulting project is called "Safe In Sound - Home Recordings From Quarantine". Featuring songs written and recorded while each artist is isolated at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an ongoing project that will go on as long as the quarantine persists. Digital tracks will be made available as they are completed, and once vinyl manufacturers are operating again, the songs will be collected and released on a limited 2xLP. All tracks mastered by John Hoffman.

100% of the money goes to the artists, or to a charity of their choice. Manufacturing costs have already been covered via a generous donation, so each artist begins making money from dollar one - regardless of digital or vinyl format. Funds are paid out monthly, so that we can help each artist through this financially difficult time. 
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