Catalog #: JNR428    Release Date: 06/23/2023

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Track Listing / Listen

  1. Drought Shears
  2. Chanhassen
  3. Inverness
  4. Mirrors Secured
  5. False River
  6. Haunt Blue
  7. Slow Ghosts
  8. Truss
  9. Prisms 

Post-rock band Ativin returns from a 19-year hiatus with Austere, the group’s most expansive and cinematic work to date and first album for Joyful Noise Recordings. Austere is a co-release with our Polish friends Fonoradar Records who are handling the physical release in the UK and EU:

Eschewing the explosive and aggressive playing that characterizes their earlier work, Austere finds the guitar duo of Daniel Burton (Early Day Miners) and Chris Carothers (Hunting People, Grizzly Daughter) enlisting Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come) on drums for a more stripped down and skeletal sound. 

The result is a work of beauty that will undoubtedly evoke a wide range of emotions in those who hear it.

Limited Austere T-shirts

Channel Austere on your body with a limited run red t-shirt! Sold exclusively on Ativin's Bandcamp page - grab yours before they run out.

About the Experience Box

The ATIVIN 'Austere' Experience Box features a unique selection of hand-made and custom designed items related to the themes, aesthetics, and music of ATIVIN and the 'Austere' album. This specially curated collection is intended to be used, consumed and experienced as a compliment to the album.

Hang the prints. Send the postcards. Burn the incense, and gather with friends to download & listen the bonus ambient tracks simultaneously with the included standard edition vinyl LP.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the limited-edition hand-numbered Experience Box will be split evenly between MusiCares and Poverty Alleviation Charities

What's in the box:

    A classic album accessory set featuring black & maroon coyote heads and maroon ATIVIN logo brushed aluminum stickers, vinyl ATIVIN 'Austere' album cover sticker, and coyote head button pin.

    Enjoy one of three randomly selected frameable ATIVIN 'Austere' coyote illustration prints (maroon, black or silver), hand silkscreened on 11 inch vellum sheets.

    Four high quality custom printed original photo postcards and a metallic silver photo print of a Chris Carothers photograph from Detroit photographer & artist Christoper Bennett, packaged in a hand stamped glassine envelope.

    A refence to a fan favorite song from the 1998 album "German Water," place the Fortune Telling Fish in your open hand and watch it telepathically sense your mood.

    Using only color to create 3D perspective from 2D images, don the hand-stamped Chromadepth™ stereoscopic glasses and cast your gaze at the included cardstock print featuring art & elements from the 'Austere' album.

    A black envelope hand-stamped with metallic silver ink containing copies of the seven pages of Alison Chesley's hand written sheet music for her cello parts performed on the 'Austere' track, "False River," so you can play along at home.

    Wooden matches in a custom coyote head box with a package of 12 different incense varieties specially selected for the 'Austere' album tracks (try figure out how they match). 2 inch brass lotus flower burner base also included.

    These bonus tracks created by Chris Carothers and special guest Mark Shippy can be played simultanously with the album or on their own. Use the included QR code for a link to download three different options, or a pre-mixed version containing the complete album and ambient tracks.

The band encourages people to donate to MusiCares and Poverty Alleviation Charities.

MusiCares provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community for things like support for dental services to mental health and supporting basic living expenses.

Poverty Alleviation Charities is a nonprofit organization on a mission to use Art as a conduit to transform passive compassion into immediate assistance through the distribution of money given, without expectation or judgment, directly to families suffering poverty.

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