White Label Series

Cotton Pony 'Boys in the Attic' - curated by David Yow

Catalog #: JNR350-11    Release Date: 11/01/2020

$ 18.00 USD  


Tracklist / Purchase from the Artist

  1. TIM
  2. SCOTT
  3. TOM
  4. HANK
  5. CHRIS
  6. JOHN
  7. ZANDY




Curator Statement  

Cotton Pony is a delightful band comprised of two beautiful souls, both of whom are women. Kate Burns plays guitar and sings. Ellen Philips plays the little drum set and sings. They’ve been friends since childhood and although they now live more than 2,000 miles from each other, their amity is everlasting.

BOYS IN THE ATTIC was recorded in autumn of ’98 and summer of ’99 in Chicago. Each song’s namesake is a boy or man that the two girls knew and had some kind of attraction, love, admiration or respect for, and although the title identifies a particular fellow, his name is never mentioned in the lyrics.

I cannot avoid getting a great big smile whenever I listen to these songs. They feel naive but they aren’t. They’re cheerful and keen. They’re funny and biting. Sexy and playful. Kate and Ellen’s voices compliment each other in a lively harmony not unlike the Deal sisters.

I hope you are as happy to have and hold and listen to this iteration of the Joyful Noise White Label Series as I am to pass it along to you.

-David Yow

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