Receptor Sight

Cycles and Connections

$ 9.00 USD  


If you enter one hypnagogic state of bodiless illumination this year it should be Receptor Sight's new album Cycles and Connections! This album would be a good soundtrack to a neuroscience textbook / any movie made in Japan / or an isolated sequence of hallucinations which occur spontaneously while you're walking alone after midnight on 22nd St. 

Receptor Sight is the mental construct of the brothers Roffeld: Greg and Steve. Deriving their name from information reading proteins on the cell surface of the brain, the northern California duo creates strikingly original prog-influenced/ semi-improv soundscapes from their secluded Mt Shasta studio. Musically the sound can be reminiscent of everything from Can to Sonic Youth, to early Floyd and Coil. The instrumentation is diverse, yet focused; some-what minimalist yet always interesting. Receptor sight has developed as a vehicle to push musical boundaries while dually serving as a sort-of consciousness exploration. If you allow it, this album will take you places far beyond the normalcy of reality. 
With Cycles and Connections, the groups sophomore effort, Receptor Sight has come into their own sound; and admirably, not a single computer or synthesizer was used in the recording of this album. Expanding upon their influences of psychedelic rock, Receptor Sight has created a sound which has yet to be truly categorized. Synchronicity is the theme here, a coincidence of sounds that, once they are played, seem to be meaningfully related. The energy which permeates the universe will flow from your speakers.
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