David Liebe Hart Meets Jad Fair And Jason Willett

For Everyone

Catalog #: JNR272    Release Date: 10-19-2018

$ 22.00 USD  

  • For Everyone
  • For Everyone


Track Listing
  1. Martin Lawrence Dream
  2. I Like Vivian Vance Better Than Lucille Ball
  3. Haunted By Frankenstein
  4. Beatrice Arthur, I Love You
  5. I Like Donald Duck Better Than Mickey Mouse
  6. Ducks
  7. My Bisexual Friend
  8. I Love Water Lilies
  9. Robot Girls
  10. Lentil Beans
  11. Valerie Harper
  12. My Fish Died
  13. Priscilla Barnes
  14. Dad And Lad

    Coming Soon!

    Co-Released with our friends People In A Position To Know, if we happen to sell out head there to grab a copy -> http://piaptk.limitedrun.com/categories/12-lp-records

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