Catalog #: JNR380-9    Release Date: 12/10/21

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1. Recognize Me
2. Point Blank
3. Everybody in the World Meet My Tiffany
4. Whiskey
5. 4 Play (ft. Phillii Kennedii)
6. Possessive So
7. Say My Name (ft. Phillii Kennedii)
8. Sold Your Soul Blues
9. She (ft. Guitar Shorty)
10. Boozy Queen
11. Skinny World
12. Eyes of a Stranger
13. Hearts Don't Lie
14. The Mighty Mighty Dolla (ft. Swamp Dogg)
15. Live for Love


Swamp Dogg collaborator Larry "MoogStar" Clemon is here with a new 15-track record titled 'Designed'.

'Designed' features Swamp Dogg and Phillii Kennedii as well as many other collaborators and writers such as Guitar Shorty and Crazy Tomes that bring MoogStar's vision to the foreground.

MoogStar is a multi-instrumentalist and explores multiple genres and soundscapes throughout the record.

Exuding MoogStar's personality and musical ethos, 'Designed' deepens the experimentation and boundaries found on the Gray Area Cassette Series.

MoogStar's "Designed" is the ninth installment of the inaugural Joyful Noise Recordings 2021 Gray Area Cassette Series that features 10 artists from JNR's extended family. 
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