Doo Wop b/w She's Wearing Rings

$ 2.00 USD  


Marmoset is back and weirder than ever! Utilizing their signature blend of minimal post punk, Marmoset have crafted a brand new single and b-side: "Doo Wop" and "She's Wearing Rings". Available in digital and (extremely) limited edition, hand-numbered cassettes, this "cassingle" is a teaser for the band's upcoming fifth studio album "Sour Notebook". 

Fans of the off the wall, playful sound of Marmoset will find themselves right at home with this single. "Doo Wop" features a sassy Jorma Whittaker in the vein of a demented soul-singer; the psycho-sexual delivery of his vocal lines made ever more complex by the background horns and occasional dissonant chords. Accompanying "Doo Wop" is an upcoming fan favorite, "She's Wearing Rings" - a wonderful but ridiculous song about wearing rings and then taking them off again. Listen to the 1:18 wimper/cry/laugh for evidence of further ridiculousness/creepiness. 
Limited to just 100 cassette copies, hand numbered by the band themselves, this is an essential purchase for any Marmoset fans. The digital is free, the hand-numbered cassingle is gonna cost you 4 bones.
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