Lemon Meringue Live

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On the eve of the release of Marmoset's fourth full-length album it seems appropriate to unleash this rare live recording. The appropriateness of the Lemon Meringue Live EP exponentially increased when we realized that Marmoset is about to embark on their first tour in a DECADE! Holy shit. Unfortunately booking a tour requires cognitive abilities which the boys in Marmoset lack in every way, shape, and form. With Marmoset's recent "official" signing to Joyful Noise, we decided to take matters into our own hands and shamelessly parade the band around the United States like a snake-handler might do to his impressionable offspring whom he is convinced has the gift of divine healing. 

Tracked on a particularly drunken evening at Indianapolis historic Melody Inn - the Lemon Meringue Live EP is a raw, gritty portrait of Marmoset in their element. Marmoset's catalog spans 14 years - and fortunately their live sets generally feature a healthy dose of their entire catalog. The evening of January 30, 2009 was no different. Lemon Meringue Live includes three favorites from 1997's "Today It's You" (Blooms, Peace In The Valley, & The Lovers), the title track from 2003's "Mishawaka" EP, two of the more esoteric tracks from the newly released "Tea Tornado" (Oh' Dear Handlebars, Gretchen), and "Treat A Boy" - only available on the little-known Musical Family Tree "Delicious Berries" sampler. 
 The EP was recorded by Mike Menke.
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