Love of Everything

Echo Frenz

Catalog #: JNR380-1    Release Date: 3/8/21

$ 8.00 USD  

  • Echo Frenz
  • Echo Frenz



1. Moonglow Duet
2. Own Best Friend
3. Total Life Ends
4. Odwalla Days
5. Misery Tomb
6. Daily Face Off
7. Easy


Love of Everything is Bobby Burg of Joan of Arc, and the project's new album "Echo Frenz" is poppy, lofi, and sincere. "Echo Frenz", Love of Everything's first proper release since 2011's " Sooner I Wish EP", explores themes of introspection and understanding. From moments of intimate vocals over Casio SK1 and acoustic guitar, "Echo Frenz" is rooted in experimental melodic rock and noise.

Recorded leading up to the release of Joan of Arc's 2020 and final studio album, Bobby's music journey continues to blossom. "Echo Frenz" releases on March 08, 2021 as the first installment of the inaugural Joyful Noise Recordings 2021 Gray Area Cassette Series that features 10 artists  from JNR's extended family. "Echo Frenz" takes advantage of the cassette medium by having its program repeat on the b-side, so the album is envisioned to be listened to twice.
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