El Ten Eleven

Every Direction Is North 

Catalog #: JNR313    Release Date: 11/18/2022

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  • Every Direction Is North 
  • Every Direction Is North 


Track Listing / Listen
  1. 3 Plus 4
  2. Every Direction Is North
  3. Hot Cakes
  4. Estrella
  5. Music for Staring at Ceilings
  6. Keep
  7. Dax Pierson
  8. Living on Credit Blues
  9. The 49th Day
  10. Bye Annie, Bye Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake

    El Ten Eleven - Every Direction is North (2007)

    No matter how many hairpin turns or breakneck maneuvers she made, Kristian Dunn’s wife in 2006 was steadfastly convinced that she was driving due north. “I just thought it was the most adorable thing,” he said.

    It’s exactly that sort of brazen self-assurance that propels El Ten Eleven’s sophomore album. The brawny bass line of the title track, the gummy grooves of “Hot Cakes,” and the trip-hop wallop of “Keep” signify the duo’s newfound and hard-won confidence. Toying with polyrhythms (“3 Plus 4”) and hacksawing riffs (“Living on Credit Blues”), Every Direction Is North carves the stylistic inroads to be traversed in later albums. The album wraps with “Bye Annie, By Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake,” a placid eulogy to the many people lost amid this album. People come and go—North always remains.

    Every Direction is North is back in print on Glass Green vinyl.


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