Forget Who We Are

Catalog #: JNR208-7    Release Date: 11/8/2016

$ 25.00  

  • Owls - Forget Who We Are
  • Owls - Forget Who We Are


If you're not able to grab a copy of the lathe-cut, you're in luck! This track will be the featured 7" for November, with high quality audio and screen-printed artwork on Side B, pressed on white vinyl. 

If you're not part of the Single Series and want to be, there's still time to sign up here (by November 15th) or by contacting subscriptions@joyfulnoiserecordings.com to upgrade your account.
"Owls regrouped for one day in the summer of 2016 to record a Cap’n Jazz cover. We're each busy and focused on our own trajectories: in the desert, training dogs, playing in American Football, teaching and publishing. But content as we all are, there is always that nagging feeling in all of us: maybe Owls should be a band. We started playing together in 1989. Everything we all know about playing music, we learned together. That's why it's important for us to occasionally regroup. Only takes us a day to remind ourselves why we're each better off on our own trajectories, busy and focused. Looking forward to next year's day together!" -Tim Kinsella
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