Future Stars And Small Wonders

Catalog #: JNR032    Release Date: 2/9/2009

$ 9.00 USD  


Bizzart's new earbook is a sprawling structure of heartbreak and the journey of being lost in love. With his fourth full-length album Bizzart's patented sound-collage-hip-hop takes on a more focused and listenable form. Ever since 2003's Ear Drung (Sounds Are Active), Bizzart's method has been drastically free - reveling in the process of throwing sounds against the wall to see what sticks - and, more importantly, to see what interesting patterns might emerge. With Future Stars and Small Wonders, Bizzart seems to have built upon this Jackson-Pollack-approach, channelling it into something all together new. 

Arthur Arellanes III (A.K.A Bizzart) is a complex individual. A pre-school teacher and self proclaimed "music therapist" by day, Art was formally ordained as a deacon in the American Orthodox Catholic Church by age 17. He views his music as a spiritual lifeforce, ceremonially creating music which seems to explore his (other)worldly fascinations through sound art. Bizzart composed his intensely personal Future Stars and Small Wonders after a complicated breakup with his former fiancee - a self-described "roller coaster of betrayal, anxiety and confusion." Bizzart, seemingly forced into a bittersweet creative apex, sought refuge in his music and in omnibenevolent forces. Future Stars And Small Wonders is his resulting love letter to the universe. 
Teaming up for the first time with producer and creative director Christian Gibson, a.k.a Innaspace, Future Stars... has become Bizzart's most subtle, introspective, accessible, and rewarding record to date. Innasapce served equal parts psychologist/ vocal trainer/ inspiration and production engineer. Bizzart and Innaspace have weaved an album out of drum machine samples, circuit bent instruments, SKRAP Hop sensibilities and manipulated field recordings into a world of sonic sound art wonder. 
Art Direction & Photography by TRSRHNT y KalfLife
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