Child Bite

Gold Thriller

$ 5.00 USD  


This is indie-pop for the undead: solid, consistently danceable rock with a brazenly psychotic, progressive edge. Child Bite's blend of sophisticated noise-pop and indie rock has enough time changes and feedback layering to please hipsters and experimental rockers alike, recalling bands like Brainiac, early Deerhoof, and Pere Ubu. The deceptively danceable music of this band only masks true experimental flair. As you would be able to tell from the sleeve of Mr. Bungle tattoos on Shawn Knight's arm, they've flirted with the darkest of experimental and progressive sounds, only to emerge with a very twisted take on indie rock. 

The no-fluff New York style punk sensibility is combined with flourishes faintly reminiscent of acid-teas-era experimentation, and freaky, tweaked-out vocals. Alternating between 8-bit Nintendo sounds and expansively spacy and epic movements, the music of Child Bite will constantly challenge whichever musical genre you choose to describe them. Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, there is a sense of euphoria, urgency, and baseless paranoia blended with an overall sense of velocity, a hidden logic and inertia that is both satisfying and mildly frightening. This is the insidious dark side of hip pop music.
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