Gray Area Cassette Series 2022

Featuring artists and side-projects from JNR's extended family. 10 albums total, released monthly on digital and cassette, all packaged in a custom laser-etched wooden box set.
Limited to 175 hand-numbered copies.

When should we ship your cassettes?

Includes monthly digital downloads, and monthly shipments of each cassette.
Wooden box will ship mid-year.

List of Bands

Adam Harding & Thor Harris (Adam from Dumb Numbers + Thor from Thor & Friends)
Jorma (from Marmoset)
Metavari (cohorts of Magic Sword)
Muted Colors (Ben Sloan from WHY?)
Soft Strategies (feat. John Dieterich from Deerhoof)
Slow Fawns (feat. Kid Millions from Oneida)
Toshi Kasai (producer/performer in Melvins, Dale Crover Band, + Plan D mastermind)
Tooth Pain (feat. Satomi Matsuzaki from Deerhoof)
Treiglo Meddal (feat. Greg Saunier from Deerhoof)
Wackbards (feat. Mike Bridavsky of Lil BUB/Memory Map, Mark Pallman of Prizzy, Mike A of Racebannon, and members of just about every other Bloomington IN band ever)


The Gray Area series allows us an opportunity to return to our label roots. Most people don’t realize this, but Joyful Noise essentially began as a cassette label. Cassette releases by Joan Of Arc, of Montreal, Dinosaur Jr., Akron/Family, Danielson, and others helped to build this label. Some have even credited us for “pioneering the cassette resurgence”. In recent years we have veered away from the cassette format, but now that Adele is doing tapes, it feels like maybe we’ve hit kitsch-bedrock. And it seems like a good time for us to embrace the format once again.

The Gray Area Cassette Series features side projects, solo projects, and collaboration-offshoots touched by members of the Joyful Noise roster. The 2022 series features new projects related to Deerhoof, WHY?, Oneida, Melvins, Dumb Numbers, Marmoset, Dale Crover Band, Magic Sword, Lil BUB, and more.

Containing 10 albums, released monthly throughout 2022 on digital and cassette, this is a year’s worth of adventurous music from JNR's extended family. All 10 cassette are packaged in a custom laser-etched wooden box set, limited to 175 hand-numbered copies.

Subscriptions are just $10/month, which INCLUDES the price of the fancy limited box set. Subscribers will receive downloads on the first Monday of each month in WAV, AIFF, and MP3, and have the option to receive cassettes monthly or all at once (to save on shipping).

à la carte

We're making a small number of each cassette available for purchase à la carte here below. Check back for a new release at the beginning of each month!

Isolation II
Isolation II
Isolation II

Slow Fawns

Isolation II