Psychic Temple

Houses of the Holy Vol. I

Catalog #: JNR278A    Release Date: 10/03/2018

$ 9.00 USD  


  1. Let Me Comb Your Hair
  2. If There's Kindness in the World
  3. This World Don't Mean Shit Without You
  4. (Who's Selling You) Conspiracy?
  5. One Solution

“It was the start of a humid Los Angeles summer when we packed up and headed for the desert. I booked us a place in Joshua Tree big enough for everyone to record in the same room. Clem, Tabor, and I had been working on a group of songs for a couple months. A lot them started at the breakfast table in the sweet moment when the coffee is still warm, your stomach is full, and the light is coming through the windows. We started recording around 2am on June 19th, 2018 and cut two songs before going to bed. In the morning we took a dip in the pool, made a huge breakfast and dug into the next three tunes. The whole band recorded together: Clem and I on acoustic guitars, Tabor on drums, Davin on bass, and Phil on everything else. No headphones or click tracks. After dinner we broke out the whiskey and cut all of the vocals around a single microphone working out parts along the way. When Devin gave us the nod, we moved on to the next song. An accordion overdub here, a guitar solo there. The clock struck midnight and we were done.”

-Chris Schlarb, Psychic Temple


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