Listen, the Snow is Falling b/w Just Like Xmas

Catalog #: [Distro] SR116    Release Date: 12/22/2022

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  • Listen, the Snow is Falling b/w Just Like Xmas
  • Listen, the Snow is Falling b/w Just Like Xmas

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Track ListinG
  1. Listen, the Snow is Falling (Yoko Ono cover)
  2. Just Like Xmas (Low cover


    Distro item: Limited edition 7” vinyl available from Subroutine Records (NL/EU)

    This cover of the Yoko Ono classic was originally recorded by Marina and Thor as Eerie Wanda for the 2018 Joyful Noise Holiday Party. Adam and Bobb later added an additional warm blanket of fuzz and an extended drone coda for the Kidbug version.

    Just Like Xmas is a longer version of the Low song recorded for the Joyful Noise Holiday Party in December 2021.

    Dedicated to the memory of Mimi Parker ♡

    Listen, the Snow is Falling
    Written by Yoko Ono

    Marina Tadic - guitar, vocals, organ
    Adam Harding - guitar, vocals
    Bobb Bruno - bass, mellotron, organ, synth
    Thor Harris - drums, percussion

    Just Like Xmas
    Written by Low

    Marina Tadic - vocals
    Adam Harding - guitar, vocals, field recordings
    Bobb Bruno - bass, drums, guitar, organ
    Thor Harris - timpani, percussion

    Recorded and mixed by Tyler Watkins at Postal Recording, Indianapolis, IN
    Additional recording by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt
    at Galloway Recording Studio, Nijmegen, NL
    Mastered by Kramer

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