Woozy EP

Catalog #: [Distro] SR111    Release Date: 01/07/2022

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  • Woozy EP
  • Woozy EP

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Listen / Track Listing
  1. Woozy (acoustical)
  2. Lovesick (demo)
  3. Moonglue (demo)
  4. Good Inside (demo)
  5. Theme from Kidbug (demo)
  6. Finally (demo)
  7. Together (demo)
  8. Now Let's Go To Sleep (reprise)


    In celebration of the one year anniversary of Kidbug's debut album, we are very happy to share the acoustical version of "Woozy", a remixed version of "Now Let’s Go To Sleep" (re-recorded in a 100 meter long echo chamber in the ceiling of a WW2 textiles factory in Nijmegen) along with all the demos we recorded for our album, including the previously unreleased song, "Finally". Offered by our friends at Subroutine NL/EU, we have a few copies to distribute in the US.

    I wrote Woozy while I was staying with friends on Martha's Vineyard in 2019 (a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Cape Cod). The video was filmed by my friend Kaiza Losch at Gay Head Beach, the same beach I sing about in the song.

    We never really intended for anyone else to hear these demo versions, but finding ourselves forced to perform as a duo instead of a full-band brought us back to the genesis of Kidbug.. these intimate songs written as love letters sent back and forth between Marina in the Netherlands and myself in the US.

    Prior to the pandemic, we had begun booking a European tour with Thor & Friends and a full-band Kidbug. I was lucky enough to leave the US before the borders were closed and have been in lockdown together with Marina and our adopted puppy/son Ernie for the last year. Hopefully someday soon we can tour as a full-band with our US bandmates, but in the meantime please enjoy this peek into our private little cocoon of sound."

    - Adam Harding


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