Melk The G6-49

Mene Mene Tekel Parsin

$ 7.77 USD  


Joyful Noise presents a re-issue of the gritty, all-improv debut from Midwestern noise rock outfit Melk the g6-49. In this 42 minute piece, the duo composed of John Spencer and Karl Hofstetter unleash the first fruits of their spiritual havoc into the world. Though still for the most part unknown, Melk the g6-49 would go on to achieve critical acclaim with 2002's s/t and 2004's Glossolalia, which was featured as one of the year's best on National Public Radio. 

Mene mene tekel parsin captures the earliest stage in the evolution of Melk. With this recording we see the duo in their most introverted and uncompromising form. The whole album was recorded with just two mics in a garage belonging to John Spencer's mother when both members were still in High School. The album was originally released in 2001 on the Indianapolis based "Ol' Gravy Records," which we would describe as "defunct" but we're not really sure if the label ever existed in the first place. The pieces contained in this disc are just three of many lost recordings sessions from the primitive Melk. Mene mene tekel parsin is as honest an album as they come. This is the recorded history of two young men experimenting in the only way they knew how, and we can't help but feel that they stumbled upon something remarkable.
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