Melk The G6-49

Melk The G6-49 / Manners For Husbands

$ 3.00 USD  

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


This split 7" is kind of like sexual-intercourse: equal and opposite components, but somehow everything fits together quite well. 

The Manners track is fairly straightforward and groovy, kind of like the texts of medieval alchemists. The Melk side is somewhat more complex, however. Drop the needle down in one spot and the record will play Henry, which sounds rather like post-apocalyptic Blues-Funk. Drop the needle down in another place and the record will play Tekel, which sounds more like the collapse of a biblical city. This is what is called 'the double-groove-method' by people in the industry. Frederic Jameson once said, "You should understand that I take the spatial peculiarities of postmodernism [such as LIMITED EDITION SPLIT 7" VINYL SINGLES RELEASED BY JOYFUL NOISE as symptoms and expressions of a new and historically original dilemma, one that involves our insertion as individual subjects into a multi-dimensional set of radically discontinuous realities...which in lived experience makes itself felt by the so-called ' death of the subject' or more exactly the fragmented and schizophrenic de-centering and dispersion of the individual." Which pretty much sums up the way that we feel about this single.
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