Tropical Fuck Storm


Catalog #: JNR418    Release Date: 08/26/2022

$ 5.00 USD  

  • Moonburn
  • Moonburn
  • Moonburn


Tracklist / Listen

  1. Moonburn
  2. Ann
  3. Aspirin (Slight Return)
  4. Heaven


Australian art-punk combo Tropical Fuck Storm continues its hot streak of brain-bending releases with Moonburn, a maxi-single cassette on Joyful Noise Recordings. 

Side A offers the new song, "Moonburn," a ballad in the classic TFS style written and sung by Gareth Liddiard. Fiona Kitschin steps up to the microphone on "Ann," a cover of The Stooges that swaps Ron Asheton's scorching guitar part for a deranged sound collage of guitar freakouts, siren noises, and electronics.

Side B includes an acoustic take on the fan-favorite song "Aspirin (Slight Return)" and a haunting cover of Talking Heads' "Heaven."

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