Catalog #: JNR463    Release Date: 10/16/2023

$ 9.00 USD  


Track Listing / LISTEN
  1. Woman
  2. Fingerprints
  3. Ithaca
  4. Furniture
  5. Bully Clouds ft. Jeff Parker
  6. You, Your Face
  7. You, Your Face (claire rousay Remix)
  8. Fingerprints (NNAMDÏ Remix)
  9. Woman (Yuka C Honda Remix)


Recorded at Fox Hall Studio in Chicago, IL
All instruments performed by Finom except track 5 which features Jeff Parker on Lead Guitar.
Tracks 1,3,6 written by: Macie Stewart
Tracks 2,4,5 written by: Sima Cunningham
Engineered by: Dorian Gehring
Produced by: Dorian Gehring
Assistant produced by: Felix "Rambo" Rumback
Mixed by: Dorian Gehring
Mastered by: Neil Strauch
Art by: Liz Born

    Shape-shifting Chicago duo Finom (fka OHMME) announces the re-release of their somewhat eponymous record, OHMME. Founded in 2014 by multi-instrumentalists/songwriters Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham, the music of Finom is an exploratory journey filled with gritty guitar madness, experimental vocal harmonies, and some pure, heartfelt songwriting.

    Recorded at the band’s Fox Hall home studio and self-released in 2014, OHMME launched a career that has seen Stewart and Cunningham touring and recording with acts like Wilco, Japanese Breakfast, Twin Peaks, Iron & Wine, and many more. Now, this bold and beautiful collection of songs has been mixed and mastered anew by original co-producer and engineer, Dorian Gehring. Added in are three remixes by friends and musical inspirations to the band: NNAMDÏ, the preeminent Chicago wizard of music remixes their dare-to-sing-a-long, “Fingerprints”; the legendary Yuka C Honda turns the anthemic “Woman” on its head; and the brilliant emo-ambient composer, claire rousay, takes the gorgeously painful song “You, Your Face” to new sonic depths. 

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