Magic Sword


Catalog #: JNR384    Release Date: Nov 22, 2022

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Ages ago, the immortal Dark One was freed from his prison. Since that time, the forces of good have been searching for the Light; the Chosen One; to force him back into his cell. The key to this prison is the Magic Sword. When wielded by the Chosen One, it has the power to return balance to the Universe.  

Magic Sword is an ageless tale of good and evil, told through an ever-expanding graphic novel and accompanying synth-heavy soundtrack albums; together they create an epic experience for those bold enough to bear witness and come away with a deeper understanding of the ultimate hero’s journey. 

Magic Sword Omnibus is a hardcover collection of Magic Sword’s first four releases (Volume 1, Legend, Awakening, and Endless) across five 12” LPs and a 40-page graphic novel written and illustrated by Shay Plummer. Magic Sword Omnibus is foil embossed with a faux-leather cover printed in a limited edition of 1,000 hand-numbered copies.


Omnibus includes Magic Sword’s first four releases:

Volume 1 2xLP on Clear + Black Smoke Vinyl
Legend on Red + Bone Galaxy Vinyl
Awakening on White + Violet Galaxy Vinyl
Endless on Blue + Aqua Galaxy Vinyl

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