Lou Barlow and Company

Only Fading b/w Sacrifice

Catalog #: JNR417    Release Date: 05/20/2022

$ 2.00 USD  

  • Only Fading b/w Sacrifice
  • Only Fading b/w Sacrifice
  • Only Fading b/w Sacrifice
  • Only Fading b/w Sacrifice


Track Listing / LISTEN
  1. Only Fading
  2. Sacrifice



    Joyful Noise is proud to present the debut single from Lou Barlow and Company. A collaboration between Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion) and the members of Eat Fire Spring, Lou Barlow and Company marks the first time Lou has recorded as the leader of a 4-piece band.

    The new song "Only Fading" is about waiting out a transition in a relationship. There's a necessary and inevitable evolution that sometimes can feel endless and impossible only to resolve in unexpected ways. Musically, the song is reminiscent of Lou's 'Bakesale' and 'Harmacy' era work with Sebadoh.

    The song "Sacrifice" finds Lou puzzling out the way people, often hypocritically, dangle the prospect of self-denial as a way to greater power. The final line, "if you say that freedom has a price and freedom is the sacrifice, is there freedom after all?" sums it up.

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