Rarities - Vol. 4

Catalog #: JNR300-4    Release Date: 12/01/2019

$ 10.00 USD  


Track Listing

Side A:
  1. Dead Rider - "The Walk Slow"
  2. Eerie Wanda - "Cars and Parties"
Side B:
  1. Coughy - "X^2"
  2. Thurston Moore Band "The Best Day (live)"
Artist Statements
“The Walk Slow” was created especially for the Joyful Noise Flexi series. We’ve never had an archive of unused material floating around and have always felt that anything we release should be given the same thought and effort as what we do on our albums. Material thats not good enough to be on one of our records is simply ditched. Forever. My memory for these things isn’t so great, but Imagine we had a couple aborted attempts before getting into something we felt was creating a vibe we liked. At that point in 2012 the lineup was me, Matt, and ‘Dre. Earlier that year Noah had just dropped the news that he was moving to LA and we were in the middle of figuring out how to proceed without his vital and exuberant energy in our ranks. We had a deadline for this though. I like deadlines. I sometimes think we would never finish anything if it wasn’t for deadlines. There’s at least one tune on every one of our records that employs an "automatic drumming” approach where Matt is asked to spontaneously play a song he is imagining in his head. We will use the drum track as a fixed source to compose around. All the changes, sections, breaks, and fills he improvises are written around just as he played them. It’s insane and doesn’t always work. When it does it is completely flummoxing to everyone to have to learn to perform the piece live, as there are invariably rhythmic and compositional discrepancies that would not come about if it was written any other way. I think the bass synth and guitar were put down next. Years ago I made a 1/4 tone guitar and figured It might be cool to build the whole thing around different instruments descending in 1/4 steps around this monolithic synth-funk. Dre and I each played piano and one of them was detuned 1/4 step. After the song started coming together I asked Matt to do more drumming for the intro and outro. I am still amused at my complete failure to create a “barber tone” manually at the very end. I think I like it better than if I knew what I was doing or had more time to perfect it. The lyric is biting “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. I love the darkness and defiance of that lyric. What an epic jam.
I heard Edith Frost's music earlier this year for the first time and i pretty much fell in love with it. This recording is a little homage to her and was recorded at home in Indianapolis on a cassette 4-track by Adam Harding. He also sang harmonies and played mellotron on it, and made a video. After recording we sent it to Kramer for mastering and it appeared that he had produced Edith's EP Ancestors in the 90s. Such a funny coincidence... He ended up adding bass to the recording as well. We had a lot of fun making this and hope Edith will enjoy it too. 
–Marina Tadic
The original X before it was replaced by the new X. Features our pal Ethan on bass and a varispeeded breakbeat. This would be our submission to the San Francisco Rush 2049 soundtrack.
Thurston Moore Band “The Best Day” Recorded live at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, October 10, 2014 by Toshi Kasai. Originally released as part of “50 Bands & A Cat for Indiana Equality”: a lathe-cut record series created to combat then Indiana Governor Mike Pence's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
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