Rarities - Vol. 1

Catalog #: JNR300-1    Release Date: 01/01/2019

$ 10.00 USD  


Track Listing
Side A:
  1. Yoni & Geti - "I, Testarossa (Almost Live from Russian Recording)" - 4:02
  2. Kishi Bashi - "Bright Whites (Demo)" - 2:55
Side B:
  1. Deerhoof - "I Will Spite Survive (Demo)" - 1:32
  2. Son Lux - "Whispering" - 5:07


    Artist Statements
    "Testarossa was very much a “studio album”. By that, I mean, there was no backing band set up live in the studio with baffles and in vocal booths and what not. It was put together painstakingly, layer by layer. When it came time to perform the album live, we decided, rather than pressing play on a laptop with the backing tracks, we would bring a full band and perform everything in real time. We wanted to document the live arrangements somehow. The label booked us time at Russian Recording in Bloomington on an off day while we were on tour. We only had time to record one song and we chose “I, Testarossa” partially because the live arrangement felt most different than the album version and partially because we just like this song. We hope you like it too."
    - Yoni & Geti
    "This is my first ever demo of 'Bright Whites', which I performed using a banjo, and recorded in 2010 (using GarageBand) while in the back of the of Montreal Tour Bus."
    - K Ishibashi (Kishi Bashi)
    "'I Will Spite Survive' from when it was a slow ballad and it was only Greg and when it was entitled "Lalalalalala".
    - Deerhoof
    "Here’s a song I performed once in New Haven, and then never performed again and never released until now. I wrote it in an empty hotel ballroom in Austin, the first time I went to SXSW back in 2008. That night, there was a rumor that Radiohead was performing. Of course, they weren’t. So, after a wild goose chase, I gave up and found a piano. It was so quiet there. A swarm of noise all around, but somehow I found a still place."
    - Ryan Lott (Son Lux)


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