Jad And David Fair

Scuse Us While We Kiss The Sky

Catalog #: JNR271    Release Date: 10-19-2018

$ 20.00 USD  

  • Scuse Us While We Kiss The Sky
  • Scuse Us While We Kiss The Sky


Track Listing
  1. Rock Me Reckless
  2. New Girl Can't Help It
  3. Only One Batman (Can Be The Best)
  4. There’s No Block Party Like A CooCoo Rock Party
  5. When Elvis Shot A Hole In His TV Screen
  6. CoCo Cut Her Hair-O
  7. Movie Tickets Cost Too Much
  8. No One Asked Me
  9. Beatle Math
  10. I Heart CooCooRockinTime
  11. Mix Tape Mix Tape
  12. Plan 9
  13. Shoe House
  14. Trouble
  15. Born To Win
  16. Mono Vs. Stereo
  17. Put Your Money In The Slot
  18. 4th In Line (To Save The World)
  19. Eating Austin Down
  20. Movie Tickets Still Cost Too Much
  21. KfriendR
  22. Attitude Girls
  23. The Blinky Swan Show
  24. All About That Lady Who Fixed That Painting Stupid
  25. Rock History
  26. Devil On My Shoulder
  27. C-L-O-W-N

    Coming Soon!

    Co-Released with our friends People In A Position To Know, if we happen to sell out head there to grab a copy -> http://piaptk.limitedrun.com/categories/12-lp-records

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