Dale Crover


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  • Skins - Dale Crover - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • Skins - Dale Crover - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2
  • Skins - Dale Crover - Joyful Noise Recordings - 3


Track Listing
01. Slide On Up (0:27)
02. The Short Con (0:26)
03. Our Supreme Leader (0:16)
04. String Bean (0:32)
05. Why Not? (0:11)
06. Prismo (0:15)
07. Trick Dirt (0:29)
08. Chicken Ala King (0:30)
09. Vulnavia (0:30)
10. None No More (0:31)
11. Horse Pills (0:30)
12. Just Walk Around (0:29)

    Dale Crover has a new release, but this is not simply an album, EP, or single. This is a unique art object. This one-of-a-kind "12-Sided Record" features six spindle holes, each corresponding to 12 short songs written by Dale Crover specifically for this distinctive format. Designed meticulously by lathe-virtuoso Mike Dixon, each of the 127 copies of 'Skins' were hand-made using a 1942 Presto 6N record lathe, and signed by Dale Crover.

    This 12-sided record format required Crover to work within a highly constraining framework... kind of like a haiku. To comply with the format, Crover had to compose twelve separate pieces of music, each less than 30 seconds in length. What emerged from this rigid experiment were twelve distinct musical trajectories, which have themselves become the seeds for Crover's upcoming full-length album (slated for release in 2017).

    Instructional Video
      Details & Warnings:

      Audio Fidelity: These are lo-fi, mono records, each individually cut using 1940s technology. Do not expect the audio to have the same fidelity as a modern pressed record.

      Turntable Setup: Lathe-cut records have more shallow grooves than pressed records, which can make them difficult to play. Adjustments to your standard turntable setup may be required. If the only turntable you own is a Crosley, do not buy this record. Not only will it not play on your setup, but you'll likely damage the record in the process. Due to the multi-spindle-hole design, we cannot guarantee that this record will be playable on all turntables.

      A note about the price: Yes, it would be totally insane to pay $127 for 5 minutes of audio. But music is not all you are buying here. This is one of the most unique records ever made in the history of music. Each of the 127 copies required over an hour of work to make, not to mention the countless hours that were put into the design, composition and recording. If you cannot afford this art object, feel free to wait for Dale's full-length. But to those who can afford it, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that in the not-too-distant future this record will be sold on Ebay for a far more obscene amount of money. $100 is the least expensive price you'll ever see for this one-of-a-kind record.

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