Dale Crover

Wood & Diamonds

Catalog #: JNR427    Release Date: 11/18/2022

$ 127.00 USD  

  • Wood & Diamonds
  • Wood & Diamonds
  • Wood & Diamonds


Track Listing
1. Bad Move (Black Diamond)
2. I'll Never Say (White Diamond)
3. Shark Like Overbite (Clear Diamond)


A new highly artful release from the legendary Dale Crover. Originally recorded for a live Melvins broadcast, this release features live Dale Crover Band members Steven McDonald, Toshi Kasai, and Mindee Jogensen. Cut on three 5" lathe-cuts, packaged with custom wooden, laser-etched artwork.

Limited to just 127 copies. If this is still available for purchase above, it will not be for long... Purchase includes download of audio and videos for each song. 

Lathe cutting by Mike Dixon.
Wooden artwork designed by Zach Petersen.
Laser etching design by Ryan Hover.

    Details & Warnings:

    Audio Fidelity: These are lo-fi, mono records, each individually cut using 1940s technology. Do not expect the audio to have the same fidelity as a modern pressed record.

    Turntable Setup: Lathe-cut records have more shallow grooves than pressed records, which can make them difficult to play. Adjustments to your standard turntable setup may be required. If the only turntable you own is a Crosley, do not buy this record. Not only will it not play on your setup, but you'll likely damage the record in the process. Due to the multi-spindle-hole design, we cannot guarantee that this record will be playable on all turntables.

    A note about the price: Yes, it would be totally insane to pay $127 for 11 minutes of audio. But music is not all you are buying here. You are buying a unique art object. Each of the 127 copies required over an hour of work to make, not to mention the countless hours that were put into the design, composition and recording. If you cannot afford this art object, feel free to wait for Dale's next proper album. But to those who can afford it, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that in the not-too-distant future this record will be sold on Ebay for a far more obscene amount of money.

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