Swamp Dogg

Sorry You Couldn't Make It Demos

Catalog #: JNR327-2    Release Date: 02/02/2021

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  • Sorry You Couldn't Make It Demos
  • Sorry You Couldn't Make It Demos
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  1. Barney's Beanery
  2. I Lay Awake (Demo)
  3. I'd Rather Be Your Used To Be (Demo)
  4. Something You Didn't Have Time To Do
  5. Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg (Demo)
  6. Please Let Me Go Round Again (Demo)

'Sorry You Couldn’t Make It Demos'
is a raw, original collection of six tracks self-recorded by Swamp Dogg between the early 1970s to the early 1980s. Each of the songs contained here were in consideration for 2020's critically acclaimed album ‘Sorry You Couldn’t Make It’. Four of the songs made it onto the album, and two are being released here for the first time.

After I spent a whole day pulling potential songs from Swamp’s endless folders of lyrics, he mentioned that he may have demo versions of some,” explains Ryan Olson, the producer of 'Sorry You Couldn’t Make It'. “Moogstar digitized the reel to reel tapes, which had been sitting in a closet for decades. The demo for ‘Please Let Me Go Around Again’ [which would become a duet with his friend, the late John Prine] started with a drum machine intro that we used as a placeholder for initial tracking, but as the session continued, we soon realized that was going to be the only drums we needed on the entire album.”

‘Sorry You Couldn’t Make It Demos’ is a unique time capsule featuring original sketches of what would become classic songs, and showcasing the long-standing brilliance of a constantly evolving, highly-influential artist. The EP is released digitally and on cassette, limited to just 250 copies on red cassettes.

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