Fang Island


$ 5.00 USD  


The April installment of our 2014 Flexi Disc Series came from one of our favorite bands in the world: FANG ISLAND!
If you are unfamiliar with Fang Island, you are in for a treat. The band's brand of triumphant guitar rock is not only amazingly well-crafted and executed, but it's downright inspiring. Their music has the effect of a motivational speaker, which is somehow accomplished with mostly-instrumental prog & metal tinged rawk. We were first introduced to Fang Island with their self-titled debut album on the awesome Sargent House label. We HIGHLY SUGGEST you check it out (stream it at their bandcamp page now).
For their contribution to the flexi series, the band has offered up the live favorite "Starquake", an amazing track which has never been heard before, and is only available on the fleeting analog format of Flexi Disc in quantities of just 1000.
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