The Free Triple Live Album

Catalog #: JNR478    Release Date: 5/31/24

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Audio recorded by Tobias Lill
Mixed by Greg Saunier
Filmed by Beat Halberschmidt

Satomi Matsuzaki - bass, vocals
John Dieterich - guitar
Ed Rodríguez - guitar
Greg Saunier - drums, vocals



    THE FREE TRIPLE LIVE ALBUM in which Deerhoof plays their songs at legendary Berlin club SO36 to a full house that sings and dances along. It was February 7, 2024 and the opener was none other than Rob Fisk, aka Curse All Kings, aka the very founder of Deerhoof in 1994.

    The accompanying video is an unedited one-shot video of the entire performance, filmed by Beat Halberschmidt:

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