El Ten Eleven


Catalog #: JNR316    Release Date: 11/18/2022

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  • Transitions
  • Transitions


Track Listing / Listen
  1. Transitions
  2. Thanks Bill
  3. Yellow Bridges
  4. No One Died This Time!
  5. Birth
  6. Tiger Tiger
  7. Lullaby



      El Ten Eleven - Transitions (2012)

      Transitions was the only title that could have done justice to Dunn and Fogarty’s lives at the time: Fogarty’s divorce and Dunn’s impending fatherhood sent both of their lives into a state of flux. The eponymous track takes the title literally, bobbing and weaving from one time signature and tempo to another, jolting the listener into new sonic territories with the delicacy of a tilt-o-whirl. “No One Died This Time!” is a sigh of relief—the first time Dunn and Fogarty recorded an album free from the backdrop of personal tragedy. Transitions is not only a triumph over the many tribulations posed throughout El Ten Eleven’s career but also assurance that–despite the shifting tectonic plates of this ever-changing world–Dunn and Fogarty remain committed to their cause and each other.

      Transitions is back in print on Orange vinyl.

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