Catalog #: JNR443    Release Date: 01/25/2023

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  • Wave
  • Wave


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  1. Wave

    Experimental Montreal-based rock trio SUUNS share their new song "Wave." Engineered by Adrian Popovich at Mountain City Recording Studio in July 2022, "Wave" has evolved over the past year and a half of touring in support of SUUNS' 2021 album The Witness.

    "While touring (in support of) The Witness, between plane rides, car rides, van rides, and text threads, we started working on new music," explains vocalist/guitarist Ben Shemie. "New sounds and a new approach seemed to take shape while testing new material. What started to emerge were really slow songs, some strange experimentations, and some unclassifiable jams. Amongst these tunes, "Wave" emerged. One of SUUNS' simplest songs, drawing on our classic rock and roll background and a nod to our Montreal brethren The Besnard Lakes."

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