Big Business

The Beast You Are

Catalog #: JNR295    Release Date: 4/12/2019

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  • The Beast You Are
  • Big Business - The Beast You Are - Bone Vinyl
  • Big Business - The Beast You Are - Black Vinyl
  • The Beast You Are
  • The Beast You Are


Track Listing
  1. Abdominal Snowman
  2. Heal the Weak
  3. Complacency Is Killing You
  4. Bright Grey
  5. Time and Heat
  6. The Moor You Know
  7. People Behave
  8. We Can Swarm
  9. El Pollo
  10. We’ll Take the Good Package
  11. Last Family
  12. Under Everest
  13. Let Them Grind


Demos Cassette:
  1. Heal The Weak (Demo) - 5:39
  2. Looper (Demo) - 3:05
  3. Time and Heat (Demo) - 4:43
  4. Safety Thirst (Demo) - 4:25


Tour EP 4 (VIP Picture Disc):
  1. Out Loud - 5:00
  2. Ghost Rider (Suicide Cover) - 2:33
  3. People Behave - 4:28
  4. Cheree (Suicide Cover) - 3:58



    Big Business are a band. They play heavy rock. On that, we can all agree. Things get tricky when you try to classify exactly where on the musical spectrum the dynamic duo’s racket falls. “I guess psychedelic heavy metal punk rock? I don’t know. People always say ‘sludge rock,’ which I always found to be lazy and kind of inaccurate. A lot of our songs are fast, and it’s not like we’re playing a half-assed Black Sabbath riff over and over again. That’s been the struggle of the band. We’re a band that doesn’t really fit into what everyone else is doing,” according to drummer Coady Willis.
    Willis comes from punk rockers The Murder City Devils. His co-conspirator, bassist/vocalist Jared Warren, spent time in noise rock weirdos Karp. Together, they formed Big Business in 2004. The LA-based outfit’s first three albums didn’t quite mesh with Hydra Head’s post-metal aesthetic, but their idiosyncrasies caught the attention of another iconoclastic outfit: The Melvins. They recorded three albums, an EP, and various songs between 2006 and 2016 with that iconic grunge/doom/experimental act, all while maintaining their own identity as Big Business. Along the way, they picked up guitarists Toshi Kasai and Scott Martin, but on 2016’s Command Your Weather, they returned to their core duo format. They remain in that lineup on their sixth full-length, The Beast You Are.
    “It’s just better. We work faster, and we know what we’re both going for. It gives us more room to be weirder in certain aspects and try different things. It makes sense because that’s how we established ourselves in the beginning and how we learned to write songs together, it was just the two of us. Coming back to that lineup felt natural.” The two performed everything on the album, which was recorded between the early November and early December of 2018 at El Studio in San Francisco by Phil Becker (Pins of Light, Terry Gross). Willis, Warren, and Becker handled the mixing, with Carl Saff lending his mastering expertise to the final product. Once more, Warren has hacked up some construction paper for one of his unique cover art pieces.
    With a new, dynamic demoing process leading to the creation of the most songs they’ve ever written for an album, The Beast You Are delivers 13 doses of uncategorizable heavy rock music. From the ominous death march of “The Moor You Know” to the soaring “Let Them Grind” to the delicate, ethereal “Under Everest,” Big Business continue to defy listener’s expectations. There are hints of Melvins, Torche, and Tad, but these two bring their own off-kilter sensibilities to the genre. No matter the context of their music, however, one thing remains true: they are definitely still a band.
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