2017 Artist In Residence

Catalog #: JNR232    Release Date: 05/05/2017-10/15/2017

$ 45.00 USD  

A year's worth of new music, on five limited edition LPs...
*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Items Included
  • Four split 12" records from eight distinct Deerhoof-related projects. An estimated 160 minutes of music. 
  • A new proper Deerhoof album, on specialty-colored vinyl with custom artwork. This will be the most limited edition pressing of the new Deerhoof album.
  • Various surprises from the band, possibly including but certainly not limited to cassettes, flexi-discs, zines, and other items.

JNR232-1A JNR232-1B JNR232-2A JNR232-2B JNR232-3 JNR232-4 JNR232-5A JNR232-5B JNR232-6A JNR232-6B



    For over 20 years, Deerhoof has been an unparalleled force in modern music. The band's fearless inventiveness has made them one of the most inspiring and important groups making music today. We are delighted to announce that Deerhoof will be recording and releasing a variety of new music throughout 2017 as part of JNR's Artist In Residence series.

    All LPs will be pressed on colored vinyl, limited to 777 copies each, which are exclusively available as part of this box set.* Each LP will feature full artwork, and will be packaged inside a hand-numbered, custom wooden box set, complete with a personal (signed) letter from Deerhoof. Purchase also includes MP3 and WAV download of all LPs, and then some.

    Purchase includes three shipments throughout the year: May 15, September 8, and October 15. 

    Digital downloads for all music released as part of the residency WILL be available apart from the box set. So if you're broke, don't sweat it. You'll still be able to hear this amazing music electronically. 

    QUESTIONS? Email us:

    *NOTE: None of these limited edition vinyl pressings will be sold individually apart from the box set. However, less-limited editions of the new Deerhoof album will certainly be pressed and available far and wide once the time comes. And we're not saying anything else on the subject.

    Also, BY PURCHASING YOU AGREE TO REFRAIN FROM ANY DICKISH BEHAVIOR LIKE RESELLING AT EXORBITANT PRICES. Do not sign up if your intention is to flip these records. Thank you.
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