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2019 White Label Series

$ 18.00 USD  

A new undiscovered album sent each month, hand-picked by our curators, and limited to 500 hand-numbered vinyl copies.
  • 2019 White Label Series
  • 2019 White Label Series



2019 Subscription currently has a small number of available spots for new subscribers. Did you just now get a chance to join and want some of the back catalog? No sweat! Shoot an email to and we'll get you sorted.

The Joyful Noise 'White Label Series' exists to bring attention to the underappreciated musicians of the world. It's too easy for brilliant music to be overlooked in this content-saturated world of ours, and as a result countless amazing albums are never properly released — doomed to exist only in the remote regions of bandcamp or soundcloud...

To combat that trend, we have lined up twelve artist-curators to choose their favorite unknown / underappreciated artist to release on limited edition vinyl. Each month the White Label Series features a new full-length album, hand-picked by one of our curators. 

White Label releases are limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (pressed on black vinyl, with plain white labels), packaged in our series die-cut jackets, with some minimal artwork from the band and a statement from the month's curator. All albums include a digital download in WAV and MP3.

Over the past three years this series has produced a ton of amazing music, and has even helped some careers along the way. We genuinely strive for this series to be a force of positivity in the often cripplingly-morally-bankrupt music industry. You can take a look back at the past WLS releases here:

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ Page for more details! *NOTE: Each White Label release will contain a minimum of 20 minutes of music. Most releases will be within the 35-45 minute range, but some of these artists only have a limited amount of material available. Have a question not covered by the FAQ Page? Please email 

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