I Love You

Bell Ord Forrest

$ 12.00 USD  


In an abandoned storefront in Kansas City, Missouri, the duo known as 'I Love You' pollute the airwaves with heady, polyrhythmic drone. Having exhibited their solvent circus at nearly 200 shows, I Love You spouts out anthems that cross the boundaries between sabotage and self-improvement. Their combination of noisy DIY punk with thumpin' dub bass is catchier than you think - conveying emotional depth, pop sensibility, and madness. But mostly madness. 

This you should understand: the moniker "I Love You" is merely the English translation of the "real" band name which is "Yah Tibyah La Blu" (the phonetic Russian rendering of "I Love You"). With their second album, "Bell Ord Forrest", the doubly named band has regurgitated a sprawling yet remarkably focused work. These are twisted, slightly menacing, yet somehow danceable tunes of indulgence and self-destruction - inviting all sympathetic listeners to smash their way to bliss... Singer/guitarist Justin Randel sings, shouts, rants and croons with a manic paranoia that hasn't been seen since the last time David Byrne got really coked up before appearing on national TV. 
While much of the enjoyment from "Bell Ord Forrest" is to be had while remaining motionless on a floor, this album does not lack the visceral experience so prevalent in I Love You's live performances. Electronic experimentations abound, though they would seem illogical and counter-intuitive to anyone who has ever considered going to a rave. However, to those versed in medicine-cabinet rock, the electronic elements are completely sensible. Or at least, as sensible as anything can be on mescaline.
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