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Colin Potter 'A Gain'

Catalog #: JNR275-10    Release Date: 10/01/2018

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  • Colin Potter 'A Gain'
  • Colin Potter 'A Gain'


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Curator Statement

"A good friend switched me onto Colin Potter's early tapes on ICR about 5 years ago or so. I was aware of his involvement in Nurse with Wound but hadn't any prior experience of these releases. When I was asked to choose a release for this series the A Gain tape instantly sprung to mind. "Rooftops" was the first track I had heard from the release and was instantly bowled over by how beautiful the track is. For such minimal components and lines the track holds a gripping movement which doesn't let up. The shifts are slight but full of meaning, and the understated production values only add to the overall charm. I see these tracks as 'workouts', instead of flooding the palette, Potter focuses on a few keys elements and stretches these as far as they can go. The lines are simple but perfect, even down to the introduction of subtle vibrato at the end of certain phrases. It's incredibly well constructed.

My other choice was maybe going to be another one of his ICR tapes The Scythe which is a very different sound and if you've not heard it I recommend it. It's closer to early gothic synth pop than A Gain but with similar production values, and features vocals. Go check it out.

I hope you enjoy this record as much as I do. I've got some pretty good milage out of this one and if you haven't heard it before I'm pleased to be able to present it to you."

—Benjamin John Power
Fuck Buttons / Blanck Mass

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