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Coolies 'South Auckland Girls in the Garage'

Catalog #: JNR325-8    Release Date: 08/01/2019

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  • Coolies 'South Auckland Girls in the Garage'
  • Coolies 'South Auckland Girls in the Garage'


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  1. yr so 1960's
  2. madonnas the bomb
  3. pimpmobile
  4. crushed
  5. nag
  6. we suck
  7. punk alert
  8. stereo baby
  9. throwaway
  10. holiday
  11. i salute u
  12. germs xmas
  13. kill the poor
  14. saba
  15. shoot this gun


Curator Statement

The Coolies are the best band in the world! Well, there's a lotta best bands in the world but for right now for my brain and heart and soul The Coolies are THEE BEST. Only because I just saw them come to town (that being London town on the wild island of the United Kingdom) and they totally sandblasted the place with sweet and strange guitar and bass action. I was not prepared! I actually went to see some other band who were on the bill but I did know that an old chum from New Zealand, Stefan Neville, was playing in this band The Coolies and that they were maybe putting a record out with another cat I know from Western Massachusetts and Stefan's always come hard with killer weirdo music but WHOA, The Coolies were a trio, two women, bass and guitar, and Stefan at the kit. Whoever, whatever they were all I can say is what I heard that eve was the most engaging, in-the-moment punk no-wave sonic heartstring buzzing clatter rock n roll I'd not come across for AGES. I went nutso and bought all the recordings I could find, which weren't too many but they were all choice and charmed (even the offshoot discs - check out the Piece War LP - it is killer diller (I need the lathe cut 10" (edition of 30 copies!!)(!))) so when Joyful Noise asked if I had any ideas for a special artist ("me") curated release I immediately told them to cut a path straight to South Auckland New Zealand where the Coolies reside and rule. This LP is early jams and is as boss as anything they've unleashed ain't no doubt about it and it is SERIOUSly the JAM! Tina Pihema and Sjionel Timu are great great song lights resonating the beauty of Maori awesomeness and you will thank the gods of rock n' roll when you enter their sonic universe. Love is the key.

-Thur s ton Moore, London two thousand and nineteen

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