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Danielson "The True Wheel"

Catalog #: JNR208-15    Release Date: 12/01/2018

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  • Danielson "The True Wheel"
  • Danielson "The True Wheel"


Was first introduced to Danielson when I was all of 16 years old. My friend and mentor Jeb Banner made me a mixtape (yes an actual TAPE) containing "Body English" from the band's Alpha & Omega double album. I remember my first reaction was pure shock and confusion... "What the hell IS this???"

So when I was conjuring the idea for our first Flexi-Disc series in 2012, I naturally asked Danielson to participate, which marked the beginning of our "working relationship". Now here in 2018 we were honored to release the Snap Outtavit EP, Danielson's first recorded material in 7 years. And when it looked like they were coming through Indianapolis on their way back from playing the Dead Rider release show (coincidentally also one of the bands on our 2012 Flexi Series), I basically annoyed the shit out of Daniel until he agreed to do an Almost Live.

Here is a little secret about this single: when Daniel was still recording Snap Outtavit, he was considering including a cover of Brian Eno's "The True Wheel" on the album proper. Daniel eventually scrapped the idea, deciding instead to keep the EP confined to his new originals, but he still had the desire to get a Danielson version of Brian Eno's classic track released in some way. We both agreed that the Almost Live series would make a perfect vessel for the single.

Even listening to the 1974 Brian Eno version, this song SOUNDS like Danielson to me. The arrangements are perfectly suited to the band's quirky keyboards, percussion, and singalong vocals. Watching Daniel and his family record this track was a sight to be seen. Yes, the whole "Danielson Famile" is on this track: his brothers David and Andrew, his sisters Rachel and Megan, and his wife Elin. Daniel's laser focus and crazy demanding vision was communicated to the band in a way only a sibling could—forcefully but lovingly. After tracking the main instruments in just one take, Daniel rolled out a series of detailed overdubs. He made the girls record the repeating background vocals to the point where the sound coming from their mouths turned into a choral drone with no beginning or end.

I hope you enjoy this single. If this is your first introduction to Danielson, I would encourage you to look deeper into this truly unique and incredible band.
– Karl Hofstetter, Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Music by Danielson, original song written by Brian Eno
  • Recorded live at Joyful Noise Recordings / October 2018 / by Postal Recordings: Tyler Watkins and Alex Kercheval
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