Various Artists

Defunct Indiana

$ 9.00 USD  


Containing seventeen indie, experimental, and hardcore artists from Indiana's past, Defunct Indiana compiles some of the best music from all Indiana based, now-defunct bands. This disc is a glimpse at Indiana's fairly immediate musical past - from 1995 to 2006. And this eleven year period saw the emergence and demise of some truly incredible groups. Some of these bands come from reputable labels such as Secretly Canadian (Ativin, Intro to Airlift), Mammoth (Fabric), Hawthorne Street (Majhas), Standard Recording Co. (BIGBIGcar), Happy Couples Never Last (Mara'Akate), Friction (Ari Ari), and even Joyful Noise's own Melk the g6-49. 

But other bands self-destructed long before a proper release sealed their place in history, and there is little to no chance of anyone coming into contact with their music apart from this compilation. The Defunct Indiana comp serves to preserve some of this incredible music from these little known artists, and to give these bands a small portion of the attention they deserve but probably never received during the course of their existence. If you are interested in some of the best and most obscure music from one time and geographic location, this album is for you.
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