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Homeboy Sandman 'Nourishment (Second Helpings)' [PRIVATE STASH]

Catalog #: JNR275-7    Release Date: 07/01/2018

$ 18.00  

  • Homeboy Sandman 'Nourishment (Second Helpings)' [PRIVATE STASH]
  • Homeboy Sandman 'Nourishment (Second Helpings)' [PRIVATE STASH]
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Curator Statement

"Discovering Homeboy Sandman’s music, and subsequently recording and traveling with him has been a rewarding experience beyond any expectation.

Equal parts poignant and clever, Sandman’s weaving of prose, philosophy, and social commentary conveys a relatable human condition in an entirely singular way. In person, his craft seems more like a compulsion. He writes at an intimidating pace, and in those moments - the rhyme is everything. On stage Sandman’s unique voice and giant wingspan command everything in the room.

This is music deeply rooted in NY hip-hop, with a willingness to break all rules, and I love it. Additionally, Homeboy Sandman can do like a million push-ups. No lie."

— Aesop Rock

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