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Julian Bozeman 'Need More Time?'

Catalog #: JNR325-11    Release Date: 11/1/2019

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  • Julian Bozeman 'Need More Time?'
  • Julian Bozeman 'Need More Time?'


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  1. Hello, Day
  2. The Vibe
  3. People Like
  4. Need More Time
  5. Special
  6. Getting Older
  7. Change Myself
  8. Bad Guy
  9. Slow Down
  10. Sometimes

Curator Statement

My history with Julian Bozeman is a long and windy rollercoaster carnival ride, speeding through various countries, continents, friends, bands, and stages of life. I can't even remember the first time we met, because our friendship seems so inextricably interwoven with my memory-fabric of growing up in the music world and playing shows. I feel like as soon as my old band Prince Rama started touring, we kept finding ourselves serendipitously in old warehouses, musty basements, and abandoned fire stations with his group, Quiet Hooves. Night after night, my sister and I would both fight our way to the front to stare wide-eyed-jaw-dropped in wonder throughout their entire set. Never had I experienced such unbridled, eccentric, yet organized and controlled energy. At the end of their set, my cheeks would hurt from smiling so much. In case you never heard of em, Quiet Hooves is one of the most unexpected underrated bands of the early 2000s. A merry band of pranksters/artists/curators from Athens, Georgia, they were comprised of anywhere between six and thirteen members onstage playing at full volume like a high energy vaudevillian underground pop orchestra, written and conducted by Julian. We soon found out that not only is Julian an incredible sonic architect and bandleader, but a talented video artist as well. Between their tours, we'd sneak Julian into the van with us and take him to Europe, Australia or Tasmania on tour to set up live manipulations of vhs feedback of us playing on stage. His onstage and offstage presence soon became as indispensable as an unspoken third member in our band, translating our music into a whole universe of vhs patterns and feedback. He was also the genius behind the "15 Minute Exorcise" VHS tape and several other music videos of ours.

After some years had gone by, the music landscape shifted topographies and both our bands were unexpectedly tapped by fate's mortal hand. I remember meeting up with Julian for coffee after years of not seeing each other and realizing that we were both stuck in similar uncanny positions of figuring out what it means to write music without a band and the existential task of making a record totally "solo". He sent me a couple demos of stuff he was working on and it totally blew me away. With Julian recording and playing all the parts himself, I could finally hear with great clarity the man who was the songwriter/producer genius behind Quiet Hooves, shining bare and brightly in all its quiet brilliance. The songs are so layered and multi-faceted, the arrangements so sophisticated, I could see why he needed thirteen people to play all the parts. I don't even understand how he keeps it all in his head, let alone also hold a full-time job, father two children, and still find time and space to record in his Brooklyn apartment. There are elements that harken to a male version of Mr. Heartbreak (my favorite Laurie Anderson record), or some of the more sugary Frank Zappa tracks, with all the endearing schizophrenia of misunderstood pop kingpin weirdos Ariel Pink, R Stevie Moore or Harry Mary, yet still retaining this totally unique, unmistakably authentic "Julian" quality. I'm really psyched for this record to be out in the world for people to hear-- Julian is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, creative, and underrated music geniuses of our time and the world needs his music now more than ever before.

- Prince Rama, Curator

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