Sleep Party People

Lingering Pt. II

Catalog #: JNR273    Release Date: 07-26-2019

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  • Lingering Pt. II
  • Lingering Pt. II


Track Listing / Listen
  1. 4th Drawer Down
  2. The Mind Still Travels
  3. The Fallen Barriers Parade
  4. Moving Cluster
  5. Renhoh 93
  6. Outcast Gatherings
  7. Push The Walls Aside
  8. Towering Trees
  9. Echoing Childhood



    Written, performed, recorded, and produced by brainchild Brian Batz, this is the counterpart of 2017's 'Lingering'. With 'Lingering Pt. II' Batz finishes his artistic cycle, showcasing his instrumental prowess and production mastery with this batch of inventively choreographed songs.

    Though Sleep Party People remains relatively underground in the United States (for now), the band has harnessed a groundswell of attention from far reaches of the globe. Throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and even parts of the Middle East it's not unusual for SPP shows to draw thousands of spectators, each equipped with their homemade bunny masks in homage to the band's live uniform.

    Sleep Party People first took shape in 2008 when Batz began experimenting a one-man home recording project using an old battered piano in his apartment. Coupled with a strange electronic alteration of his recorded voice, he created eerie, hypnotic sounds and haunting melodies forming the basis of Sleep Party People's self-titled debut album (2010). Sleep Party People released 2012's 'We Were Drifting On A Sad Song' and 2014's 'Floating', before signing to Joyful Noise and releasing 'Lingering' in 2017.

    Digital released September 21, 2018, with Pink LP set to be released July 26, 2019.

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