Museum Day

$ 5.00 USD  


The July installment of our 2014 Flexi Disc Series came from Chicago rapper (and Sisyphus bandmember) Serengeti.
We've been fans of Serengeti for a long while, culminating with the release of his 2013 "Kenny Dennis LP" and of course his amazing "Sisyphus" album with Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens. Serengeti's contribution to our flexi-disc series is the exclusive track "Museum Day", which is legit solo-Geti (i.e. not within the confines of his Kenny Dennis character). Take a listen and you'll hear some of the most uniquely-constructed and genre-pushing hip-hop around. You may also hear a similarity to Sisyphus because, truth be told, the beats on "Museum Day" were provided courtesy of Mr. Sufjan Stevens.
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