Kaleidoscope EP

Catalog #: JNR229    Release Date: 04/28/2017

$ 18.00 USD  

  • EPs - Kaleidoscope EP
  • EPs - Kaleidoscope EP


Track Listing
  1. Good Guy
  2. I Really Love My Life
  3. Cracks And Creases
  4. Is It Too Late



    'Kaleidoscope' EP may be the most unabashedly pop-centric release of Serengeti's substantial catalog. Last seen on Yoni & Geti's 'Testarossa', the Illinois rapper is sometimes known for his playful, somewhat comedic raps on subjects such as sports figures and hot dogs, often delivered via his intensely choreographed alter ego, Kenny Dennis. But with 'Kaleidoscope', Serengeti does a 180. Wearing his heart on his sleeve instead of burying it under layers of character mythology, these are classic love songs penned by Serengeti, and brought to life by the production of Rob Kleiner (CeeLo Green), with guest vocalists Skyler Stonestreet, Ali Young, and Amy Stroup.

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