Kishi Bashi

Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari

Catalog #: JNR461    Release Date: 11/17/2023

$ 32.00 USD  

  • Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari
  • Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari
  • Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari
  • Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Track Listing

Disc 1 (The Songs)
  1. Intro at the Piano
  2. Red, White, and Blue
  3. Improvisation at Heart Mountain
  4. Summer of ’42 (Orchestral Edition)
  5. Improvisation in the Root Cellar
  6. 伊賀上野城 (Iga Ueno Castle)
  7. Improvisation at Jerome, AR
  8. Theme for Jerome (Orchestral Edition)
  9. 涙そうそう (Nada Sou Sou)
  10. 上を向いて歩こう (Ue O Muite Arukou)
  11. A Safe Place for Animals
  12. Manchester (Acoustic Edition)
  13. Removal (with Kara Kondo)
  14. Violin Tsunami for the Victims of Tacoma Detention
  15. Epilogue from Improvisations on EO9066
  16. For Every Voice That Never Sang
Disc 2 (The Score)
  1. War
  2. Removal
  3. Arrival at Heart Mountain
  4. Coldest of the Camps
  5. Know Your Enemy: Japan
  6. Improvisation for the Tokyo Firebombing
  7. Intro to 1853
  8. 1853: Commodore Perry and His Black Ships
  9. Bach's Double Violin Concerto in The Key of Gypsy Swing
  10. Keiko Ishibashi
  11. My Name is Kishi Bashi
  12. Proud American
  13. The 442nd - Go For Broke
  14. Chicago Meditation
  15. A New Life
  16. The Pilgrimage
  17. Omoiyari and the Model Minority Myth

“Omoiyari” means to have  empathy and consideration for others, and act on it. This fall, the American indie-folk multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Kishi Bashi is set to release the companion album to his forthcoming documentary song film, titled Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari. Consisting of two LPs—“The Songs” and “The Score”—the release showcases what is essentially the soundtrack to Omoiyari, the feature-length motion picture co-directed by Kishi Bashi, aka Kaoru Ishibashi or “K,” which is being released via MTV Documentary Films in November. Focusing on K’s own six-year journey of discovery surrounding his research of the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans that followed the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the film is part social justice documentary and part song-film experiment. The album includes K’s live improvisations, which are featured in the documentary, many recorded on the sites where the concentration camps stood. Written during and about the artist’s transformational dive into his personal identity and serving as a broad survey of the Japanese American experience as well as the incarceration—Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari serves as an evocative musical accompaniment to the lessons of empathy and compassion portrayed in the film and highlights the process and power of one of modern indie’s most talented musicians.

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