Sound Of Ceres

Nostalgia for Infinity

Catalog #: JNR187    Release Date: 03/04/2016

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  • Nostalgia for Infinity - Digital (Instant download in MP3 and WAV.) - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • Nostalgia for Infinity - Aqua-Blue Vinyl + Digital - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2
  • Nostalgia for Infinity -  - Joyful Noise Recordings - 3
  • Nostalgia for Infinity - Black Vinyl + Digital - Joyful Noise Recordings - 4
  • Nostalgia for Infinity - CD + Digital - Joyful Noise Recordings - 5

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Track Listing
  1. Pursuer
  2. Bryn Marina
  3. Ember Age
  4. My Spiral Arm
  5. Hand Of Winter
  6. Side A
  7. You’re Me
  8. Kingfisher
  9. Antiprism
  10. Dagger Only Run



    After releasing three albums with their band Candy Claws, Karen and Ryan Hover have evolved into Sound of Ceres. Joined by Robert Schneider, Ben Phelan and John Ferguson of the Apples In Stereo and Jacob Graham of the Drums, Sound of Ceres draws influence from an array of genres and decades, exploring soundscape-laden, dreamy pop. The Colorado-based group crafts a lush, ethereal sound which pulls as much from mid-century lounge music and '70s nature documentary soundtracks as it does from '90s shoegaze and modern sampling techniques.

    Sound of Ceres’ debut LP, Nostalgia for Infinity, is released March 4th 2016 on Joyful Noise Recordings. The album is a conceptual retelling of the '60s Brazilian hit "The Girl from Ipanema" - except the girl is replaced with a spinning antiprism, and the unrequited longing is replaced with an existential shout into the expanding universe. Nostalgia for Infinity also explores the parallel between the '60s hit song and Marcel Proust's novel In Search of Lost Time, in which Proust describes "a world beyond us but within our understanding."

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