Sound Of Ceres

The Twin: Demonstration Tape

Catalog #: JNR234-2    Release Date: 07-27-2018

$ 9.00 USD  

  • The Twin: Demonstration Tape
  • The Twin: Demonstration Tape
  • The Twin: Demonstration Tape
  • The Twin: Demonstration Tape


  1. Io Scenic A/B (Demonstration)
  2. The Twin (Demonstration)
  3. Gemini Scenic (Demonstration)
  4. Mercury's Moods (Demonstration)
  5. Humaniora (Demonstration)
  6. Rhatikon Chain (Demonstration)
  7. Outer Century (Demonstration)
  8. Solar Mirror 9 (Demonstration)
  9. The Trance (Demonstration)
  10. Eden V (Demonstration)

The Twin: Demonstration Tape is the earliest incarnation of Sound of Ceres’ 2017 album, The Twin. This is the "original version" as it existed prior to the band's excursion to Iceland, where they produced the final album with Alex Somers.

The resemblance between the two albums is clear, yet the two versions remain distinct in their track listings, song arrangements, instrumentation, post-production, and subtlety of mood and color. This is much more than a demo tape. You see, this version of the album was considered by the band to be a completed work prior to their reimagining of the album with Alex Somers. The album that emerged from Iceland was a different animal altogether, with new perspective applied to every aspect of the work. And we think it is time to release the twin of The Twin.

Compared to the final version of the album, this Demonstration Tape feels like it came from an alternate universe. It is every bit as polished as the original, containing all of the artful compositions from the final work, but somehow existing on an alternate timeline that has now broken through to our fucked-up world.

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